What our clients say

Cleveland Clinic


“Signature Marketing Services have had a major impact on our Fortune 200 outreach campaign. Tonya and her team have been instrumental in helping us quickly build our opportunity pipeline, securing 119 meetings within a short three month time frame (43% conversion rate). The Cleveland Clinic team is speaking to 6-8 new leads per week, and the contacts are qualified, informed and quite often interested in developing a relationship with the Cleveland Clinic.”

Marc Lyons
Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, The Cleveland Clinic




“I have been in healthcare marketing for over 20 years and have worked with numerous telemarketing firms. I must say, I have never encountered a more professional and thorough group than Signature Marketing.  Tonya, Laurie and their team were eager to grasp our messaging, our differentiators from the competition, and readily understood the marketplace dynamics. They were extremely responsive and provided detailed documentation of all calls as well as weekly summary reports that were easy to understand and share. In addition, they kept our team informed as the project picked up momentum. It was obvious they were able to engage prospects and glean necessary information to refine their approach.  The bottom line, Signature redefines “telemarketing,” elevating the profession to an entirely new level.”

Elise L. Freedman
Senior Market Manager, Business Development NextGen Healthcare




 “Signature Marketing is unique in that their focus is in the Healthcare marketplace. The value of their understanding of how to navigate and speak with those in this space is the key to their success. I have worked with Signature in several different aspects of healthcare products and they continue to deliver outstanding, consistent results, growing the sales funnel and being a large part of deal success. They strive to understand the product and have smart conversations with prospects that lead to qualified meetings for our team.” 

Amy Cummings, RN, MSN, MBA
National Director



“Tonya and her team at Signature Marketing Services have exceeded my expectations in delivering results for our company. With a combination of experience, domain expertise, and well-defined methodology, Signature Marketing Services has provided our company with a high volume of strong client leads in a relatively short period of time. Tonya and her staff are top tier professionals, which drives their success and makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

Dan Neuwirth
President & CEO

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GE Healthcare


“Signature Services has supported sales efforts for different teams that I’ve led since 2006. In every case, Tonya and team’s work has exceeded expectations. Following are a few examples of their strengths:

1. Executive Selling Skills & Content Mastery: Tonya’s diligence has usually begun with independent research, reading of GE sales material, role playing, and then creating a script. After role-plays to iterate the script and develop more nuanced questions, Tonya leaves the script and truly masters the information. She then conducts idea meetings with client executives in a “sense and respond” fashion. Her success rate in converting these meetings to Solutions meetings speaks to her effectiveness.
2. Attention to detail: Signature does an excellent job of working every angle, tracking every detail, and managing each component of an opportunity. This is of great value to our sales reps since they are often traveling.
3. Tenacity: They pursue opportunities with great persistence. For example, if a client asks for phone call in a few months, Tonya’s team calls them back on the 60th day. If a client asks for a piece of information that is difficult for the GE team to track down, they continue to push the GE team to close the loop. And, as we’ve learned by trying without success to replicate some of Tonya’s work internally, it is very difficult to do.

Perhaps most importantly, Signature Services is wonderful to work with. They are responsive, professional, enthusiastic, and committed to excellence. Our sales team loves working with them. That matters.”

Jeff Terry, General Manager
National Clinical Excellence Practice
GE Healthcare

“I have worked with Tonya for the last two years on multiple occasions and I continue to be pleased with her team’s work.Their proven method of securing executive appointments continues to meet or exceed our expectations.

An ongoing challenge for us is connecting with busy C-level executive decision makers. Signature’s expertise in this area is evident from start to finish, employing a collaborative process to create the right messaging and strategy and then leveraging/building unique relationships with the assistants of targeted executives to drive valuable meeting opportunities for our sales leaders.

Tonya’s knack for follow-through and results make her a frequently employed element of GE Healthcare’s Performance Solutions commercial team.”

Kris Kaneta
Global Marketing Leader
GE Healthcare

“Signature Marketing Services handles the cold calling and business development activities for my sales team. In the past 6 months, they have secured over 35 initial meetings with top healthcare executives (that we have been unsuccessful reaching in the past) resulting in key industry relationships being established. Our sales people have been able to focus more of their time and energy in supporting existing accounts and up-selling new services. Tonya and her entire team are great to work with. They are professional, responsive, flexible, and most of all, they get results! We will continue to rely on their expertise to keep our sales pipeline filled and support our team.”

Nick Pape,
Sales Director
GE Healthcare

“Thus far, these have been solid leads that have turned into executive meetings with interest in our portfolio of solutions. Great job to your team and thank you for the efforts, some of these accounts we have been trying to penetrate for some time.”

Senior Radiology Account Manager,  GE Healthcare

“We recently put together a successful campaign for executives in the Pacific Northwest. We were able to hold five executive meetings in the span of a two-day period with the help of the Signature team. They were extremely thorough and diligent in their follow up, and not only did they improve our productivity, they showed a genuine interest in the content and focus of those meetings to learn more about the solution to add even more value to the process. It was my first experience working with Signature, but it certainly won’t be my last. They will play a significant role in helping us roll out future campaigns as we continue to generate executive interest in the Pacific Northwest.”

Todd Hall
Client Solutions Manager
GE Healthcare

“Tonya and her team have been instrumental in kick-starting my meeting calendar since on boarding with GE last spring. My experience has been that at one point she was securing about a 25-30% initial meeting rate. We have collaborated well on positioning (customizing as needed) to set clear expectations with Executives. Signature has played a key role in generating awareness of our solutions and opening the door to start dialog – a launching pad desired by any sales person who’d prefer to be sitting in a prospect’s office vs. dialing for appointments from their desk any day. Results to date are 3 closed engagements and an active dialog with GE’s largest customer in the state of South Dakota.”

Deb Gordon
Client Solutions Manager
GE Healthcare




Arcadia Solutions


“I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Tonya and her team while at Kodak building a professional services business and at Arcadia Solutions.  While the entire experience and the services received were outstanding and highly impactful, I want to highlight a couple areas that made an impression on me.

1.0 Ease of doing business and speed of response: From the first phone call / e-mail, Tonya was 100% engaged. She immediately drew up a plan of action, submitted a simple proposal / contract that did not need any legal reviews or sign-offs, and had a clear execution plan with milestones. Starting work with Tonya was fast, simple and easy!

2.0 Subject matter expertise, personalization and network: Tonya spent the time listening to what we had to say, asked questions to clarify her understanding, and very quickly ended-up knowing as much about the space and our target clients – as we did. She spent a lot of time researching the area, leveraging her network of clients and databases to help quickly frame the task at hand and begin work. The amount of time spent in understanding my needs and her ability to become a highly contributing partner (vs a service provider) truly made me feel like I was her only client. [This of course was not the case]. Tonya made my success – her success and she made it personal.

3.0 Operating mechanisms and results: Tonya has mastered virtual organizations – her team is scattered across the country, and yet they hum as one. Their ability to communicate instantly amongst themselves, the regular and almost instantaneous feedback mechanisms and the professionalism I saw allowed us to constantly fine tune our efforts – over just hours- and re-position ourselves with clients as we received feedback – in almost real-time. In addition, I received regular updates on not just who was contacted, but what they said, their reaction on the phone, and what was being done different moving forward. I was surprised at how quickly we saw results and got to meet clients.

The constant updates and communication, the speed of response, the subject matter expertise and the total professionalism I experienced was evident in the results we saw. I highly recommend Tonya and her team to anyone that is looking to generate leads and secure executive meetings. This is a firm whose mission is to have you win, and I would most definitely work with them again.”

Bharat Monteiro
Principal, Healthcare Solutions



“We have worked with many marketing services firms over our 20 year history; Signature Marketing Services is beyond a doubt the best and most effective firm we have dealt with. They have been our partner in this area for over 4 years and have handled a myriad of projects and programs for us – marketing strategy, event management, targeting, and lead generation. As an example of their impact, they recently undertook a lead generation program for us – we are a specialty consulting firm focused on the fortune 500. The success of the program exceeded both our expectations and our ability to keep up with the demand. Signatures team worked with us to create the proper messaging, generated the targets, and assisted with the sales follow-up program.

Our relationship with Signature has been very successful and rewarding.”

Dean McMann
CEO & Founder
McMann & Ransford

“Working with Signature Marketing Services has had a significant impact on both client-facing and administrative activities. With Signature taking ownership of a number of internal activities, we are able to focus on value-add activities for clients more readily. Tonya’s professionalism and demeanor are top-notch, as are her team’s diligence, efficiency and accuracy. Signature Marketing Services has also brought incredible value to our clients through marketing and lead generation activities. This combination of talents is rare and hard to find!”

Thomas Camp,
Director, McMann & Ransford




“Signature Marketing has exceeded our expectations here in Southern California. I have been very impressed with the quantity and quality of the appointments that they have been able to set for us, and they are opening doors at the C-level that we have not been able to open on our own. Within the first month of the program, Signature set up 10 appointments with superintendents and directors of the target school districts that we assigned to Signature. Signature did a great job of setting the customer expectations for the meetings. The customers have been very interested in learning more about the breadth of Trane’s offerings.”

Johnny Brown
Solutions Sales Leader
Trane / Ingersoll Rand

“Signature Services has impressed us from the start. Their team of experts is not only great to work with but they deliver world-class results. We put them to the test with a campaign targeted at a tough to reach vertical market. Within 45 days they secured appointments with over 20% of our targeted customers! We never would have realized these results with a traditional approach. Our account managers are good at business development but they cannot stay focused like Signature Services can. What really amazed us was how quickly Tonya and Marisa learned our value propositions and adapted to our culture to really become a part of the team. We are excited to leverage their expertise to take our already successful business to a new level.”

Ross Atherton
Solutions Sales Leader
Trane / Ingersoll Rand

“Tonya and her staff provide business development and appointment setting support to the Chicago sales office of Trane. In a very short time, they learned the key focus areas of our business and have taken that information to a new level of communication reaching out to the K-12 and higher education markets. Their services have saved our office a significant amount of time in making multiple “hits” via phone and e-mail to our prospective customers. In their first few months working with us, they were able to secure approximately 45 meetings with target customers that we had not been successful in meeting with before. I would recommend their services to any organization that wishes to increase the effectiveness of their sales organization.”

Marion “Doc” Kotecki
Account Executive


“Signature’s strength is in complex, nuanced sales. The listen, research, experiment and adapt. For buyers seeking high quality, low volume executive “access” that builds a professional brand impression, I would rely on Tonya and her team.

If you give Team Tonya a tight business conversation that a well targeted executive will understand and act upon with a 1 minute read, Team Tonya can get that action. The outcome can be a 20 minute 1:1 phone call or in person meeting.

We only stop using Signature marketing, when they swamp our bandwidth and we have to skim em before we shoot more.”

Chris Roon
Managing Partner
Catalyst to Great Markets (http://www.couloir.net/catalyst.htm)


“Tonya and her team have gotten remarkable results for me. Their professionalism, organization, and persistence have secured over 250 appointments in the last year that I could never have arranged myself. They have opened doors I have been trying to open for well over a year. With their support, my time is spent selling and working with customers instead of losing time on the phone setting up the appointments. They always communicate with me about schedules and any issues that may affect an appointment. As a result, I am much more effective and efficient!”

Ray Lauk,
Education Solutions Manager
GE Security