Client outcomes

Here are a few recent successes:

  • 1Q14 campaign targeting customers with aged Interventional Cardiology added $7,950,000.00 to the sales funnel.
  • 4Q13 campaign targeted at ~1600 imaging centers and hospitals to drive incremental parts and service revenue generated $758,076.00.
  •  2Q14 campaign targeting CFOs at rural hospitals to overcome limited sales attention resulted in meetings with 36% of hospitals.
  • May 2014 campaign to generate awareness of a new advisory service resulted in meetings with 35% of targeted hospitals.
  • 2Q14 campaign to validate market for an ED solution identified vendors most vulnerable to unseat and 11 qualified opportunities.
  • 6 month campaign (1Q and 2Q14) targeting 550 large physician practices resulted in 61 meetings, as well as 8 groups with interest but not immediate timing to be nurtured.
  • 3 week campaign ending 7/15/14 targeting 50 ACOs resulted in 31 meetings with ACO CEOs & Executive Directors.
  • 6 month program for a client moving out of the start-up phase but with little market awareness outside 1 or 2 payers resulted in 86 meetings with CEOs, CMOs, VPs Quality, and Case Management leaders.
  •  Ongoing campaign beginning Feb 2014 focused on hospitals our client is looking to expand their relationship with has resulted in 50 meetings with CEOs and counting (21% success rate)!