Client outcomes

Here are a few recent successes:

  • 3Q17 program to identify medical equipment leads added 12 opportunities worth $850,000 to the sales funnel, as well as 34 leads to nurture until time to buy is right.
  • 2017 program targeting ambulatory and acute healthcare organizations with aged imaging equipment resulted in over 1100 leads for service and/or new equipment.
  • 6 month effort (3Q17-1Q18) for client launching a new hospital software platform resulted in 63 meetings with Pharmacy leaders, plus 52 future leads to nurture.
  • 1Q18 program for a start-up company increasing patient access to specialty and critical care resulted in 13 key meetings with highly-targeted CEOs and CMOs, as well as better visibility into market need and opportunities.
  • Ongoing program to build sales funnel for a client’s employer solution for cancer care has resulted in 90 meetings to-date with Global Benefits leaders at large companies nationwide.
  • 4Q17 outreach program to hospitals with perinatal equipment approaching end-of-service-life uncovered 60% planning to replace the equipment for sales follow-up.
  • 4Q17 campaign targeting large IDNs focused on robotic process automation to improve revenue cycle performance resulted in meetings with 16%, as well as 5 potential leads to nurture.
  • 6 month program for a client with little market awareness outside of 1 or 2 payers resulted in 86 meetings with CEOs, CMOs, VPs Quality, and Case Management leaders.
  •  July’17 outreach to executives attending an Intelligent Automation conference in June resulted in follow-up meetings with 15%.
  • 4Q17 effort to reach Tribal Health leaders re: EMR replacement plans resulted in appointments with 20% of organizations we connected with.