The seventh (and final) secret to becoming better at engaging executive decision-makers and ultimately winning more deals:

Be focused. By capitalizing on our strengths as “client discoverers” or “client developers”, we maximize sales success.  

One problem associated with today’s complex sale is that sales leaders are pulled in too many different directions. But the other secrets I shared all point to a necessity for greater specialization.

We need both Client Discovery Specialists and Client Development Specialists because both roles are exceptionally demanding. By expecting a field sales leader to spend an inordinate amount of time on prospecting, we are almost certainly guaranteeing sub-optimal results. What we need are demand creation specialists who can set the stage for value creation specialists. Then, we can truly capitalize on economies of skill. We can engage executives in outreach efforts with far more precision, care and follow-up.

But we also can be far more prepared when we meet with these executives. We can run meetings that set and meet clear objectives, address meaningful issues and concerns, and uncover the essentials of a successful outcome.

  • Implications for the Client Discovery Specialist. Individuals in this role can truly excel when they bring skill and experience to it. Being specialists, they develop expertise in conducting credible conversations on key business matters. They don’t read scripts – though they are thoroughly rehearsed in the “discussion points” to be explored in an initial conversation.
  • Implications for the Client Development Specialist. Individuals in this role have the most to gain from specialization. The big problem that sales specialists have always had is the scope creep of their jobs. They end up spending lots of time on prospecting – and not enough honing their skills as trusted advisors. By getting focused, they develop the capabilities necessary to guide buyers through today’s increasingly complex and high-stakes decisions. They learn how to effectively diagnose the full scope and magnitude of today’s business problems and design solutions that are fully aligned with the buyer’s value drivers.

So there you have it!   Here’s a summary of our “7 Secrets”: