“I have been in executive sales and marketing roles for the past 20 years. My initial response to outsourced marketing lead firms was skepticism and doubt based on my experience. Signature Marketing quickly changed my view of this service. They are incredibly efficient and highly effective in a complex sales environment. The level of professionalism and ability to grasp our unique service allowed them to deliver better than expected results in a short amount of time. I would recommend Signature to anyone trying to grow their business in the C Suite without the costly expense typically associated with garnering these leads and relationships.”

David Mikula

Chief Operating Officer, Access Physicians

“Signature Marketing not only provides excellent, professional pipeline development support, Tonya and her team become true partners with their clients. In the very competitive, dynamic, healthcare IT market they secured appointments, ferreted out important competitive information and validated the efficacy of leads, contributing significantly to our sales and marketing efforts. Signature’s willingness to shift gears as business priorities and requirements shifted demonstrated a level of flexibility that is exemplary. And as “icing on the cake”, they’re a group of some of the smartest and nicest individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

Kathy Ruggiero

Senior Director, Marketing, PatientKeeper

"Tonya, Laurie Peterson and the Signature Marketing team are proactive, diligent and a joy to work with. Our program had ambitious outreach goals, and Signature Marketing blew our expectations out of the water. Over just a few months, Signature Marketing was able to establish over 100 leads with hospitals and health systems across the country. This number is made even more impressive when one considers the increasingly competitive and consolidated nature of the healthcare provider market. That said, the things I will remember about my interactions with Tonya, Laurie their team have less to do with their conversion rate and more to do with the personal attention and professionalism that they brought to the table every day. My team and I are truly grateful for the support we received, and we plan to engage with Signature Marketing again should the need and opportunity arise."

Andrew Patzke

International Operations Project Manager, The Cleveland Clinic

I highly recommend Tonya and Signature Marketing Services. We contracted with SMS to reach out to high-level executives in our target organizations and gain agreement to meet with our sales leaders. We sell in a very crowded market but Tonya’s team clearly broke through the noise. Our meeting goals were exceeded and more importantly – those meetings led to several promising opportunities which are now under development. In addition, Tonya handled all training for her team on our messaging, she helped us build and refine our target contact list, provided excellent weekly reporting and was a delight to work with (as was everyone on her team).

Coco Sherman

Director of Sales Excellence, Caradigm

“I have been working with Signature Marketing for all of my business-to-business outreach for the past five years, and have always been extremely happy with their performance. They do an excellent job and even our customers and prospects are impressed. We have had changes half-way through a project and they have always been accommodating to our every need. I’ve been so pleased that I’ve contracted with them at two new companies since my first work with them five years ago.”

Shannon Cacchione

Vice President of Access, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“Signature Marketing Services have had a major impact on our Fortune 200 outreach campaign. Tonya and her team have been instrumental in helping us quickly build our opportunity pipeline, securing 119 meetings within a short three month time frame (43% conversion rate). The Cleveland Clinic team is speaking to 6-8 new leads per week, and the contacts are qualified, informed and quite often interested in developing a relationship with the Cleveland Clinic.”

Marc Lyons

Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, The Cleveland Clinic

The Signature Marketing Services team is the most sophisticated and professional telemarketing agency I've ever worked with. We have an inside sales team and time after time Laurie and team outshine our own employees. It's a no brainer to partner with ROIs in the 300% range. We will continue to partner with the team as long as they'll have us. One note about Laurie- she's the single hardest working woman I've come across in the industry. Her and I will exchange emails late into the evening and weekends regularly. If you're looking for a partner who will get it done, it's Laurie and team."

Lisa Donahue

Market Manager, NextGen Healthcare

We have been working with Tonya and the Signature team since 2011. Our long-term partnership has resulted in many of our largest and most successful customer engagements. Signature has designed and executed countless campaigns to support pipeline growth, event preparation and new product launches. Tonya and Janelle have always been extremely professional and flexible, bringing a wealth of healthcare industry specific domain expertise and have become critical thought partners to help us shape messaging and adjust targeting to maximize campaign effectiveness. Tactically, Tonya’s team is incredibly organized, from detailed weekly reporting to comprehensive documentation of each touchpoint, e-mail and call allowing my team to work seamlessly with them, minimizing duplication of efforts.

Michael Meucci

VP Sales, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

"I have been in healthcare marketing for over 20 years and have worked with numerous telemarketing firms. I must say, I have never encountered a more professional and thorough group than Signature Marketing. Tonya, Laurie and their team were eager to grasp our messaging, our differentiators from the competition, and readily understood the marketplace dynamics. They were extremely responsive and provided detailed documentation of all calls as well as weekly summary reports that were easy to understand and share. In addition, they kept our team informed as the project picked up momentum. It was obvious they were able to engage prospects and glean necessary information to refine their approach. The bottom line, Signature redefines “telemarketing,” elevating the profession to an entirely new level."

Elise L. Freedman

Senior Market Manager, Business Development NextGen Healthcare

Signature Services has supported sales efforts for different teams that I’ve led since 2006. In every case, Tonya and team’s work has exceeded expectations. Following are a few examples of their strengths: 1. Executive Selling Skills & Content Mastery: Tonya’s diligence has usually begun with independent research, reading of GE sales material, role playing, and then creating a script. After role-plays to iterate the script and develop more nuanced questions, Tonya leaves the script and truly masters the information. She then conducts idea meetings with client executives in a “sense and respond” fashion. Her success rate in converting these meetings to Solutions meetings speaks to her effectiveness. 2. Attention to detail: Signature does an excellent job of working every angle, tracking every detail, and managing each component of an opportunity. This is of great value to our sales reps since they are often traveling. 3. Tenacity: They pursue opportunities with great persistence. For example, if a client asks for phone call in a few months, Tonya’s team calls them back on the 60th day. If a client asks for a piece of information that is difficult for the GE team to track down, they continue to push the GE team to close the loop. And, as we’ve learned by trying without success to replicate some of Tonya’s work internally, it is very difficult to do. Perhaps most importantly, Signature Services is wonderful to work with. They are responsive, professional, enthusiastic, and committed to excellence. Our sales team loves working with them. That matters.”

Jeff Terry

CEO, Healthcare Command Centers, GE Healthcare